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About Us

Hedge Ohari is a monthly finance magazine that provides its readers comprehensive knowledge and insight about the various aspects of financial planning and the entire spectrum of investment and wealth creation methods, viz. stock market, mutual fund, real estate, gold, bonds, banking and so on. The magazine’s content includes articles, features and interviews about the diverse areas related to finance and business. Sections such as industry, business management, agriculture, education, automobile, brand equity, success mantras, insurance, lifestyle, gadgets, and cinema enrich the magazine’s contents from cover to cover.

Vision of Hedge Ohari

The magazine provides quality research based content that targets investors of all hues and readers who prefer to organize their portfolio in a systematic way. We aim to cultivate an investment culture that fulfills all wealth creation targets of investors through various investment avenues. The vision of the magazine is to motivate the readers to participate in various investment avenues and guide them in choosing the right investment products that suit their wealth creation objectives, investment preferences, risk profile, likely investment period and age.

Target Audience

Hedge Ohari is a must-read for those readers of Malayalam who are on the lookout of rich advice to gain insights into the methods of systematic financial planning and investment and follow a planned way of investing to realize their objectives. Moreover, every issue of the magazine presents the best reading experience to readers who like to follow the latest trends in finance and business.


Hedge Ohari boasts of a readership of over two lakh Malayalees in Kerala and other parts of the country. Its readership includes eminent people from all walks of life, including policy makers, corporate honchos, political leaders, film stars, professionals, bureaucrats, investors, youngsters, students etc.


The magazine that started publication in April 1, 2011 has now crossed 40,000 copies. The Malayalam magazine reaches the readers on the 1st of every month.


Hedge Ohari is published by Hedge Equities Ltd, a well-reputed financial services supermart catering to the evolving needs and unique requirements of the investors, and partnering with them to build, manage and grow their wealth.